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Nelson Oliveira Nelson Oliveira

My photography work reached many more people

I met Camerapixo almost since the beginning and what made me become a follower was the fact that Camerapixo is really about photography. In Camerapixo you get in touch with great works and great photographers. It's not about gear or settings. It's about photos! And unfortunately that isn't so common today. Recently I collaborated with Camerapixo and the truth is that my work reached many more people and I'm getting that feedback pretty quickly. For anyone like me, an enthusiast, Camerapixo haa what it takes and it's an amazing platform and a great way to share my work. Collaborating with Anetta and Artur is a pleasure since they are quite responsive and are always there to give us an answer.

Brian Mc Donald Brian Mc Donald

This is a family of great inspiring photographers

An honor to be part of a prestigious set of publications. After I requested to join the Camerapixo Being Published Matters Facebook page I was instantly greeted by Kevin Holliday who, after taking the time to view my profile, gave me kind praise for my photography. In the following days I chatted with the Editor in Chief - Artur J. Heller who had the most friendly and helpful manner I have ever experienced from any administration. The same goes for all the team involved, including further messages from Executive Editor - Anetta G. Heller and also Thibault. This is a family of great inspiring photographers and I am very proud to be now part of that family and of my inclusion in my first Camerapixo publication - Hot Shots 08 Vol. 2 - Being Published Matters. I will continue my work after inspiration from the many wonderful images I have viewed in the publications so far. I would like to give a huge thank you to Anetta and Artur and all the team. Finally, as a qualified graphic designer, I would like to credit the outstanding attention to detail and design that goes into these Camerpixo publications as the are each, top quality from font to layout, front to back.

Kuki Walsch Kuki Walsch

Top quality in every respect

I want to send my sincere appreciation to Artur and Anetta Heller who are doing such a great job in featuring so many photographers around the world on Camerapixo and their magazines. The presentation on Camerapixo and the edition of the magazines are of top quality in every respect. They reflect great creativity and innovative skills of not only talented artists but also professional editors and publishers in their doings. As I feel highly honored to find several of my humbled works not only presented but also awarded in this prestigious exposures I want to deliver my respect and a big 'Thank You' to Artur & Anetta Heller and the Camerapixo Team. Thank you for your passion and your care!

Alex Soh Alex Soh

Well selected a range of great photographers

It was a great pleasure to published with Camerapixo. I have never come acrossed a photography magazine that trurely page after page showing just all beautiful pictures. You have also well selected a range of great photographers and a black background website that brings out all the beautiful colors of each image. I guessed you really understand the mind and heart of every photographer, because you are one of those. Thank you!

Laurence Penne Laurence Penne

Benefit from bigger visibility

I am really touched and honored to have been published in Camerapixo. It's a great chance for me to see my work so displayed, and to know that I benefit from bigger visibility. I thank the team for their professionalism and Camerapixo for helping all these photographers more or less known by being a springboard. Photographers who are put forward are all from different horizons and styles, and this is what makes undoubtedly the wealth of this magazine. I really enjoy being a part of this experience.

Bartosz Stróżynski Bartosz Stróżynski

Camerapixo is perfect reply to new reality

Personally I did not appreciate on-line publications for a long time. As quite conservative person, I preferred printed publications, books, newspapers, than its digital versions. But time is running, world is changing and we, as photography consumers, have less and less time to follow traditionally printed publications. More and more we follow world via mobiles phones and iPads. New reality requires new solutions, new ways of doing things, new methods of accessing photography, but also, very important, new channels for photographers to share effect of their hard work. Especially in time, when photography is not really appreciated in most of the media. I believe, Camerapixo is perfect reply to new reality, very good compromise between easiness of access and amazing variety of high level photographers specializing in so different fields. I see it as great opportunity to present own work to very wide audience in easy way, but also to find a lot of inspiration from other artists presented in the magazine. I am sure that publishing my portfolio in Camerapixo magazine and on top of it, winning cover page of 16th issue, made my photography wider available and recognizable than before, hopefully giving some fun and inspiration to other people. Many thanks to Camerapixo team for this enablement.

Dalia Dalia

Beautifully designed and inspiring work

English: When I leaf through Camerapixo, I can feel, with how much heart this magazine is made. It's a beautifully designed and inspiring work. the photos are carefully selected and arranged. the photos of the artists are treated with respect and honored their work in this way. It is an honor to be part of it. Many thanks to Anetta and Artur for the great work! I write it in German too, because English is not my native language. 

Deutch: Wenn ich Camerapixo durchblättere, kann ich spüren, mit wie viel Liebe das Magazin gemacht wird. Es istsehr schön designed, eine inspirierende Arbeit. Die Fotos werden sorgfälltig ausgewählt und zusammengestellt. Den Fotografen wird Respekt entgegengebracht und so ihre Arbeiten honoriert. Es ist eine Ehre, Teil davon sein zu dürfen. Vielen Dank an Anetta und Artur für ihre Arbeit.

Alfonso Maseda Alfonso Maseda

Helping me to keep growing in this fascinating world of photography

I'm really grateful to Artur and Anetta for helping me to keep growing in this fascinating world of photography. The project and collaboration is impressive, and I am very proud because published work in Camerapixo is really impressive and they open a door to show more to the world.

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