Press Cards Holders are saying

Marcello Machelli Marcello Machelli

It makes a world of difference

On April the 14th I was among the accredited photographers to the ABB FIA Formula E Championship in Rome. An important event, made of many meetings, culminating in a very exciting race. Camerapixo made the difference. Press accreditation opened the doors for me, as a professional. Artur and Anetta have always been helpful in these years, as photographers themselves,  they have the right care and attention for our needs. Thank you for your support. 

Ricky Kiewiet Ricky Kiewiet

Opened a world of possibilities

In a small country like the Netherlands, where the market for Motorsport photography is pretty small, Camerapixo gave me the possibility to still publish my work. The Camerapixo Press Card and Letters of Accreditation opened a world of possibilities for me. Only just a member, I've already attended my first event as an official accredited and I expect many are to follow!

Stéphane Sayeb and Victoire Brotherson Stéphane Sayeb and Victoire Brotherson

Our Dream Came True

This is one of the best publication for photographers to show their work. Inspiration and services are amazing and very useful and unique way for share our passion. When we are discovered Camerapixo we are really impressed. Thank you, Anetta and Artur, you and your team made our decision to join Camerapixo. Me and my wife Victoire have found a new place which we was looking for with a great community, the opportunity to get published, to discover, getting inspired and build new friendships. Our Dream Came true with Camerapixo!

Fábio Azevedo Fábio Azevedo

Building successful careers

Discovering Camerapixo was really fantastic! Artur and Anetta are professionals worthy of the success they have achieved. Camerapixo's support for photography professionals encourages more and more people who are passionate about photography to become successful professionals in their careers around the world. Camerapixo is an example of professionalism and commitment to the world of photography. Keep it up! You are to be congratulated for your exemplary work. Thank you so much Camerapixo.

Didier Steyaert Didier Steyaert

Real source of photography inspirations

I am often asked what Camerapixo brings me... I can simply answer this question in three aspects: The first is that the Press Card gives me access to many places (in France) where photography is generally, not permitted with the use of a tripod: museum, monument. Without mentioning the places that are not usually accessible to the public. The second aspect is that Camerapixo is full of many talented photographers, the editions are a real source of photography inspiration to me and I am rather proud to be part of this community. Finally, the last reason is the visibility offered by Camerapixo via the gallery and the offered tools that are constantly evolving.

Jacek Łabędzki Jacek Łabędzki

The best solution for independent photographers

A better point of view and support: Long time ago while being on a variety of sporting events and cultural shows, I always envied professional photographers that they have entry to areas designated just for them - they are always in the first row, on the first line, in the heart of the action. They simply had a better view, they could get a better perspective and take great pictures. I am also doing photography but do not work for any press agency and I never wanted to work for one. I always wanted to be and I'm a freelancer, but I wanted to be on the first line. Sometimes I had the opportunity because I had some connections or due to the fact that the organizer of the event had a good day and has accredited independent photojournalist. I was wondering how to change this situation, I did not want to be treated as an anonymous photographer.


The best solution for independent photographers: The Camerapixo Press ID Card proved to be the perfect solution for me. For 2 years now I am the holder of the card and for 2 years I was on the first line of fire. Camerapixo Press ID Card is not just a pretty piece of plastic as some believe. This is also a sense of belonging to the group of outstanding photographers from around the world, such as Magnus Persson (Sweden), Antonio Perrone (Italy), Christian Kleiman (New Zeland), Charles Winslow (USA), and many other great photographers. It is also the possibility of additional assistance and great support from the editors of Camerapixo Photography Magazine in dealing with the press offices.


Camerapixo Press Card gives me confidence in crisis situations, such as demonstrations and riots, where I often have to deal with the police and a hostile crowd of people. Knowing that I'm not an anonymous photographer but member of the Camerapixo gives me motivation to work better and with continuous improvement. It is also a commitment to follow the photojournalist Code of Ethics. And this way, thanks to Camerapixo Press Card I began to act like a pro, and I am also treated this way, while remaining independent photojournalist. This Press Card is a proven tool. The perfect complement is also the ability to publish the photoreportage in Camerapixo magazine.

Diego Crotti Diego Crotti

Great support and opportunity to enter events.

Thanks to Camerapixo Press ID Card and the support, I had a good opportunity to enter events. I had access to the off limits areas, taking amazing photographs, which was a great experience for me. They are very helpful especially when it comes to requesting accreditation to be passed on to the event organizers. Camerapixo also published my work, which has now been added to my profile. In short, if you want to be anywhere and close by and ready with your camera do not hesitate and get the Press Card from Camerapixo. Thanks again to Anetta and Artur.

Christian Kleiman Christian Kleiman

My accreditation always enabled me to access the front row

Shortly after moving to live in New Zealand it was when I read on the news that the Volvo Ocean Race was coming to Auckland; "The City of Sails”, for a stopover. The Volvo Ocean Race is the World's longest professional sporting event and leading offshore sailing competition. As a Freelance Photographer and because of my relationship with sailing boats, I thought that it would be a nice chance to get involved in this adventure,, shooting photos. So, it was time to try out the Camerapixo's Press Card. Artur and Anetta showed great support for my project and backed me up with everything needed in order to obtain from the Volvo Ocean Race organization, my accreditation as a Media Independent Photographer for the event. All media facilities were there for my use and I've met all kind of interesting people and great artists. My accreditation always enabled me to access the front row, where the action was taking place.Thank you Camerapixo for your support!

Vincent Gulizio Vincent Gulizio

High quality publication and Press Card helped me in my photography journey

I was invited by Camerapixo to join their team of photographers and I am so glad I did. They put out a high quality publication and they inspire me to use my visual talent in the best way possible. They are great to deal with and I was published in their HOT SHOTS magazine. This has helped me in my journey to realize the dream I have always had – To be a photographer. I have used the PRESS CARD to get access to subjects I would normally have a hard time photographing. The PRESS CARD helps me when I want to inquire about photographing sensitive locations like high profile commercial real estate or events that are taking place in NYC. I will continue to be a member of Camerapixo for the foreseeable future, and I plan to continue submitting my work for more publishing opportunities!

Alessandro Passerini Alessandro Passerini

Better opportunity to document what is happening

Camerapixo Press ID Card is an excellent opportunity for professional and personal growth. It makes extremely less challenging for any project you want to build, but not only: for people like me who are used to bring the camera everywhere, daily makes it very easy, allowing me to photograph in random areas in which I could not achieve any shot without Press ID Card, and then be able to document what is happening at that moment. It’s a great chance for anyone who wants more opportunities and encouragement from own field of photography!

John Palmer John Palmer

Camerapixo Press Card opened all the doors

I was recently in Serbia making pictures of the terrible floods there, and my Camerapixo Press Card opened all the doors for me. Where entrance was not allowed, when I showed my Press Card I was allowed to enter. You can see many of the pictures on my website: Also I was asked by a border guard  for a second photo ID besides my passport, and when I showed him my Press Pass all was OK. So I am a very happy user, as I was not sure how it would work.

Marcel Kvist Marcel Kvist

Press ID Card is the perfect tool for me to get close to the action were the best pictures come to life

Camerapixo's Press card has helped me on several occasions as a documentary/light conflict photographer. Since the most of my pictures come from riots, demonstrations and similar events where the people involved seem to have some sort of allergy towards the ordinary tabloid-press, authorities and police, it really helps a lot since Camerapixo is a Photomagazine. This simple fact it is worth it's weight in gold for the relation between photographer-activists if they are aware of it. Usually they ask "which paper are you from ?" and the reply is 'I'm a documentary photographer for Camerapixo photomagazine', and after that is done, it's a lot easier to move around and get real close and personal. Authorities and police never asked me any questions. They just look at the ID and let me in with no questions asked. I've covered deportations of refugees, nazi-demonstrations and similar protests, accidents and other events and the ID is the perfect tool for me to get close to the action where the best pictures come to life.

Donnie Sinongco Donnie Sinongco

I can now even get closer to the players during their press conferences

As a huge and avid tennis fanatic, I would make sure to book the best seats to watch my favorite tennis players LIVE. Be it shown here locally as Malaysia hosts one of the ATP 250 World Tour matches, or even Grand Slams.  Also as an avid photographer, it helps to hone my skills in photojournalism, particularly in sports photography. Watching the actions as it happen and freezing the moments with your camera are perfect dosages for satisfaction.  

But ever since I have been issued with the Camerapixo Press ID, my sporting and shooting experiences were propelled even to greater heights!  I can now even get closer to the players during their press conferences, meet-and-greet sessions and be ON the court side to capture their moves as they play. That is much better compared to VIP seats and royal boxes! I managed to get hold of all these first hand during the last BMW Malaysia Open 2014 (WTA 250) here in Kuala Lumpur, where I was given my very first media accreditation by the organizers through the help of Camerapixo. As members of the media, we were the first to be briefed with information about the event including program schedule, players' whereabouts, special functions and even cocktail invitation. We were also treated for some light refreshments all throughout the coverage and provided with regular transportation to and from the event.  

All these privileges come with your passion for sports photography, so I am very much thankful to Anetta and Arthur for the issuance of my Press ID Card.  They are very helpful especially when it comes to requesting accreditation to be passed on to the event organizers. Just a tad note to those who want to apply for media accreditation when covering sporting events, ALWAYS be aware of the deadline for submission (unlike me who missed two of the best tennis events this year due to late application - the BNL Internationale d' Italia and the Roland Garros).  However, I am looking forward to cover more events (not only sports) through my Press ID. Thanks once again to Camerapixo!  It's all worth the experience!

Mauro Manenti Mauro Manenti

Best experiences of my photographic career

Thanks to Camerapixo Press ID Card and accreditation letter, I got a pass to attend the Blancpain Championship Race at Monza (Italy). I could even get in the pit lane and I experienced one of the best experiences of my photographic career. Thanks again for your support and see you at the next event.

Shlomi Ben David Shlomi Ben David

every self-respecting photographer should obtain such a press card

I am honored to be part of the camerapixo family. The journalist card  you give me helps me greatly in my photography journey. I am currently working on two major projects: one documenting of the graffiti on the separation wall between the Israeli and the Palestinian side and the other documentation religions in Jerusalem (and Israel in general) without the card you give me I do not believe I was able to do this because it labels me as a journalist and not to someone with suspects interests. The card allows me to enter a lot of sites and respectful attitude everywhere I ask to photograph. I think every self-respecting photographer should obtain such a card! Thank you and continue to advance the world of photography and photographers.

Magnus Persson Magnus Persson

I can highly recommend this card for anyone who wants to work with photojournalism

Being an amateur photographer, to be published in Camerapixo has helped me to take that next step in my photographic development, which I might not have taken otherwise. Photojournalism and documentary is what is closest to my heart. After I got Camerapixo's PRESS card, I have photographed demonstrations and riots in Denmark and Sweden. Right now I am in Bangkok and photograph the Thai military coup and the development here. All the media here is registered and checked every day by the military and police. Have not had any problems with any authority in neither Denmark, Sweden or Thailand. This PRESS CARD opens many doors for me, that have never been opened before... I can highly recommend this card for anyone who wants to work with photojournalism, full-time, part-time or freelance. Very grateful to be a part of the Camerapixo family with all of these talented photographers worldwide! The support you get from Camerapixo team is awesome! BIG Thanks to Artur and Anetta - Camerapixo publishers!

Andrea Krizsai Andrea Krizsai

Press ID Cards opens doors

My name is Krizsai Andrea, I’m a Photographer. After my Street photography was published in Camerapixo, I was offered a Press ID Card, because the editors knew, that I’m working on a report about foreign currency mortgage in Hungary. I took pictures there of evictions with big police operations. The police took all the people in jail and gave bills to the people who was there, defending that homes, or making pictures or videos without a press card. Thanks to the Camerapixo Press Card nothing ever happened to me. I’m really happy to have it also because I take pictures of demonstrations and political events, and the card opens some doors, that I would not cross without it. 

Marcin Koterba Marcin Koterba

It was very well invested money!

I am a holder of Camerapixo Press Card for about three months. I wondered if it is worth to spend the $99.95. Honestly I strongly hesitated whether Press Card will meet my expectations. Now I know that it was well invested money and do not regret a single cent. Press Card with Camerapixo turned out to be an excellent key to many closed doors. The best example here will certainly be accreditation, which I recently received from Dead Can Dance band management as they toured in Wroclaw. As it turned out only six photographers in Poland have received permission to take photographs, including myself. Some of them tried for six months to get the accreditation. For me one e-mail did it all! In addition, thanks to Press Card there is no problem getting in for such places as sporting events (basketball games, American football), horse racing, concerts (like Guitar Guinness Record) closed event (Harley-Davidson Rally). Recently, I even managed to shoot during the theater show, and I am especially pleased. I mention this because it is really quite a challenge. Actors do not like the sound of shutter that distracts them firmly. And that’s just the beginning. In short, if you want to be anywhere and close by and ready with your camera do not hesitate and get the Press Card from Camerapixo. Once you have one, your only concern will be which party or cultural event to choose

Zsolt Repasy Zsolt Repasy

Press ID Card proved to be useful

I’ve been using the Camerapixo Press ID Card since October 2012 and it gained me entry to a few venues and programs. It proved to be useful and I always got immediate support from Camerapixo Team when needed. Thank you!

Roberto de Nuccio Roberto de Nuccio

Possible to receive accreditation

My personal Press ID Card case is about 1000Miglia and Superbike, so I will try sport events. In both cases I can us my Press Card, so I can take shots from unusual view points. I’m trying to be full time photographer and I find Press ID Card a great and valuable work tool. I have some other projects and I will definitely use it. Not only Press Card does a good job, all the Camerapixo staff helps me to make it possible to receive accreditation.Thank you very much.

Dawid Martynowski Dawid Martynowski

Press ID Card works as described

Hi I’m Dawid Martynowski and I am a holder of Press ID Card. Thanks to Camerapixo I am successfully developing my passion and work with the camera. I participated in many events and thanks to Press Card I received accreditation for events such us Euro2012, Verva Street Racing, the PLFA Finals. In addition, my work that has been published in the magazine, has helped me to share the photos with thousands of readers around the world and gave me opportunity to establish business contacts. With unique pictures of interesting places presented in a modern form I soon started collaborating with interesting marketing projects. I would not have such images if not for a Press pass. In addition, collaboration with the release of my ebook was top notch. Thank you Camerapixo!

Julian Escardo Julian Escardo

You'd be surprised... the PRESS ID offers credibility

The press ID offers credibility. This one in particular is very well designed and offers the necessary control mechanisms to be recognized not only worldwide but most anywhere across disciplines. I personally use it for two purposes, events and inspiration...yes, inspiration. You'd be surprised but it is accepted in most major museums and historical monuments - I draw a lot of inspiration from exiting art and often large museums exist in modern buildings so it's a two for one for me for I am an architectural photographer. Aside from the benefits of being able to enter public spaces fast I can also pop in and out to see a special exhibit....that saves me time and money to say the very least.

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