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Camerapixo has a totally different style and philosophy

I'm really proud of being a member of Camerapixo. For me, this magazine / community has a totally different style and philosophy from all the rest of famous photography websites we all have known in the last years. Once you are a member, you instantly realize that Anetta and Artur are there to help you with everything, and that they really care about your work and want you to succeed. You don't get just the promised tools, but also personal and creative ideas, comments, and help. It's like having a personal manager who tries to help you with your work, and who also knows the business perfectly. I really love all the amazing tools provided in Camerapixo, and the great opportunities it brings for my career, but apart from that, here you get something more, that personal touch from Anetta and Artur that makes you feel like home, great people that care about you and your business too. Photography needs more things like this nowadays, and not just another "new" sharing website, so this is the best possible place for you and your work.

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